Techologic revolution

Now that elections are coming in America, a theme that is also playing a role in the Netherlands is being cited.
The basic income. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke about this at a Tech event at the beginning of this month. Jobs will be replaced by technological innovation.
What she actually says to techies is: “Go ahead, you have the future, but think of the people who will lose their jobs as a result of your growth.” With this she appeals to at least 2 target groups and looks sympathetic.
The basic income will never come.

Politicians are not visionary thinkers but short-term thinkers with great importance.
Current and future technology is, as I call it, linear technology. It replaces and/ or improves a linear action or process of a living being or thing.
Because predictions are made based on the past and the industrial revolution is used as a frame of reference, the fear of job losses in the executive employees arises.
This is wrong. The technological revolution replaces employees from the strategic, tactical and executive levels. The strategic manager who now takes decisions on the basis of analysis, the middle manager who manages his oversized team on the basis of a figures sheet and hierarchical assignments, and the employee who carries out repetitive tasks no longer adds value.
The jobs of the future are jobs with specific human qualities. As a reminder these are a.o. : Listening, feeling, hearing, understanding, tacid knowledge, connection, anger and humor.
But the strategic manager does not fire himself, so the technological revolution will not go that fast.