Customer-oriented COVID-19 marketing supermarkets (e.g. shops!)

The current Corona virus (COVID-19) remains contagious for 3 days on plastic, 2 days on stainless steel and 1 day on copper. In addition, human excretions (moisture, sneezing, coughing, etc.) remain in the air for 3 hours (indoors).

These test results were published on March 17 in The new england journal of medicine and I note that there has been no testing on fruit or other foodstuffs or coats, floor, people, etc.

When I read this ANP message of March 17, only 1 National newspaper appeared to have adopted it. The RIVM did not mention it at all. I looked around in the neighboorheid and found an audience with the NOS. They decided to investigate the ANP message and at 7:54 PM the NOS had successfully rebutted (Mariet Feltkamp, ​​medical virologist at the Leiden University Medical Center, virologist Eric van Gorp of the Erasmus Medical Center) and published the news item.

Last night I watched Eenvandaag today. At 4:00 min. The USA investigation briefly passes by for a few seconds. And a short remark from RIVM that we don’t have to worry.
In the meantime I am in possession of a good brain, accept knowledge, but ask questions and investigate myself, I do not accept anything blindly and I also understand the various interests, in addition to preventing panic. Nobody benefits from that.

What did I advise my family and friends (within the limited possibilities in NL)?

  • Don’t go to the supermarket if you don’t have to. Have your groceries delivered. If that really does not work, pay with IWATCH (unlimited contactless payment) and avoid contact with people and surfaces where possible. Gloves and mouth caps, glasses on.
  • Keep exercising, when the gym is closed, take the stairs at least twice running and walk in the open air at a fast pace (in order to increase heart rate). Preserve condition.
  • Don’t pet dogs or other animals you don’t know. A dog of an infected person could carry the virus in the nose (limited time) and if it can sit on surfaces, it could possibly also be on the dog. And so also on coats of people, etc. etc. I get (as I write this) a message from a veterinarian. RIVM has just announced via the ANP that it will take care as a precaution for pets belonging to others.
    That they do not take my first 2 advice will be well considered? What if they have to close supermarkets?

There is efficient advice from me. Based on the latest research, I recommend every supermarket or other store to follow the following cycle:

  • Day 1:
    • Lock down & cleaning (detail cleaning)
    • Fill store
  • Day 2 and 3:
    • Lock down
  • Day 4:
    • Store open (first 2 hours elderly)
    • Return to Day 1, cycle again.
      All people who work for the supermarket must take protective measures (mask, clothing, glasses, gloves. Visitors if possible.

This means that the store is open once every 4 days. And in order to achieve efficiency, it is very important that both chains and locations of supermarkets have to coordinate when they are open.