Business Innovation by Edith Borghuis

Lodewijk Dekker formulated my core qualities / talent quite well.

I hear almost every company, every well-trained or socially trained manager think:

“Very valuable for the current business climate, hire!”
These employees are a welcome addition. In the immediate vicinity, this employee appears to be self-confident, self-aware and (thus) fearless. In no time she scans her new environment and knows “wich way the noses point to”, after a week she knows how to test every question against the (current) strategy and is not afraid to take political, technological and social developments into account.
After this analysis, she sees different solutions, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, costs, feasibility period and presents these scenarios to the client.
She has learned to deliver the scenarios in 3 most efficient scenarios that are tangible for the client (she feels the necessity other people need structure and overview). Her scenarios are always sustainable, why would a company opt for unsustainable policy?

Meantime, I am actively looking for an employer who wants to grow in a healthy way, who wants to maintain his right to exist in the long term and who does not shy away from the ‘why question’. Are you this employer or do you have this employer? Let me know, I can’t wait to get acquainted to see if there is a click.