Quantum computing is innovating

Optimally functioning Quantum computing is an unachieved goal that many people say they own, but none have yet realized. For a layman an incomprehensible phenomenon, for the scientist an elusive phenomenon.

The competition for the first truly applicable quantum computer has been going on for years between scientists and industry. Billions are invested in development. Everyone wants it, nobody has it. It can contribute everything in speed, without much energy consumption, it is powerful and strong and can withstand almost anything.

The coronavacin is a powerful medican, but only a drop in a river called quantum computing. Since there are few truly revolutionary developments, I don’t write much about them. However, I came across a nice article that shows the importance of dissenters. Despite not being a fan, I am jealous of the means Elon Musk has to turn his thoughts into businesses. It will also be a necessity for him.

In addition to hyperloop and spacex’s first space flight (fantastic perfection!), Neuralink has taken on the challenge to implement computer chips in pigs. And with that they have come closer to quantum computing than the scientific linear approach of all other parties.

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